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Product Description:

Omakase style:

Choose your desired color! Omakase style: ‘I’ll leave it up to you’, means that the flower arrangement ordered will be freely and creatively designed by Flowermoon based on the customers’ budget and favourite color. For Omakase style, customers may simply select a desired budget and a favourite color. Don’t worry, leave the rest to us! We promise to create your perfect flower gifts to your loved ones with some Christmas magic this jolly season!





100% Natural Flowers
At Flower Moon, we uniquely handcraft all our cute and pretty cupcake flowers with preserved flowers. They are 100% real flowers and have been treated with nontoxic chemicals to be preserved. No artificial flowers are used. You can enjoy these preserved flowers for a few months or even up to a few years*!


* Please keep them dry: Place these preserved flowers in a dry and ventilated area. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. When removing dust, it is recommended to use an air spray, blower, or a soft cloth to keep them in good conditions. Please do not directly touch the flowers with your hands, if possible.

It's Maintenance-free!
Our cupcake flowers are maintenance-free. You don't need any water and sunlight. You won't even need to worry about mosquitoes!

Flower Moon のカップケーキ フラワーは、本物の花に特殊加工を施したプリザーブドフラワーを使用していますので、お水を入れ替えたりする必要がありません。高条件下(直射日光をさけ、ホコリの少ない湿度の低い涼しい場所)であれば、長い時間その可愛らしい姿とその時のお喜びををお楽しみいただけます。


Perfect for Presents!
Imagine someone that makes you smile? It’s time to show your appreciation to your loved ones and brighten their day! This cute little gift would be perfect! For birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day, father's day, teacher's day, children's day, and the list can go on. Put a smile on their faces and fill their hearts with happiness with our cupcake flowers!

小さいけど、特別な贈り物。Flower Moon のミニプリザーブドフラワーカップケーキは、大切な方へのお誕生日や記念日、発表会のお祝など、様々なHAPPYに笑顔をそえる贈り物としてぴったりです!

Choose your desired size and portion!

Choose your desired size and portion!You can choose your desired cup size by “3oz” or “5oz” and the portion by "Regular" or "Large". You can also choose to add a little message by clicking on the “Message Card” pull down above during orders.



Additional Notes:
* Our flower cupcakes are NOT edible.
 カップケーキ フラワーは、食べれません。
* Do not water the flowers.
* Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
* Do not touch the flowers with your hands directly.
* Place the flowers in a dry & ventilated area.


【お支払い / Payment】PayNow / PayPal

5oz Cupcake Flower - Omakase Style

  • Flower Size: Width: 10cm, Depth: 10cm, Height: 9.5cm

    Wrapping: Transparent Box

         Width: 13cm, Depth: 13cm, Height: 12cm with handle

    * The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on the website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. Also, some decorative props are not included. 

    * Please understand we may not be able to use the same flower and items, due to seasonal reasons such as inventory.

    *モニターの明るさやお客様のデバイスの設定などにより、実際の色がウェブサイトに表示されている写真と若干異なる場合があります。 また、ディスプレイ用の小物は含まれていません。


  • * We generally deliver within 1-2 working days and an additional delivery fee of $5.80 will be charged.

    * For self collections, arrangements can be arranged only at Tan Kah Kee MRT station or Coronation shopping plaza.

    * この商品は、シンガポール島内に配達することが可能です。配達をご希望の場合には、配送料として$5.80追加になります。また、配送は1-2日営業日かかり、時間指定はできかねますのでご了承ください。

    * セルフコレクションをご希望の際には、MRT Tan Kah Kee駅 または、 Coronation shopping plazaにてお受けお渡し可能です。

?当店は、シンガポールドルでの価格表示です。上段に商品価格を入力して、右側のプルダウンメニューで (Singapore Dollar)を選択し、下段右のプルダウンで換算させたい通貨をお選びください。

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